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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Photos from a DIY Wedding + A New Dress

A couple weeks ago I attended a wedding for my boyfriend's sister and her fiancé. The bride was doing a lot of the preparation for the wedding by herself and with the help of her family and friends. I know that can add a lot of extra pre-wedding stress, but the result was beautiful.

I was around helping to set things up that morning so I was able to take a lot of pictures. The bride's mother spent the better part of the past year growing succulents that were used for decor, favors, boutonnieres and the bouquets. She has quite the green thumb, right? I have trouble just keeping my succulents alive!

Enjoy the pictures! And scroll down to see photos of the dress I sewed for the wedding...

I also sewed a new dress for the occasion. I used the Bonnell Dress pattern from Dixie DIY. I fell in love with the cute side cutouts and the V-shaped back neckline. It was my second time sewing the dress (the first one didn't turn out quite right fit-wise), so making minor pattern adjustments, cutting, and sewing the dress only took a day. I made it in a stretch cotton sateen fabric, which was perfect for the 100 degree weather that day. I wished I'd been able to take more pictures of me actually in the dress, but I felt like I was running around all day and I forgot to actually take any.

I did all the finishes by machine to save time. The bodice lining is attached by stitching in the ditch below the waistband. It's a bit noticeable in places, so if I had had the time I probably would have hand stitched it in place. I also managed to successfully use my new invisible zipper foot on the first go! I think I did a pretty good job matching the seams up along the zipper too. The hem was finished with a machine blind hem stitch because I didn't like the look of topstitching on the fabric. I also overcasted the edges of the seam allowance to prevent fraying.

Truth be told I had a terrible time fitting this pattern originally. The bodice itself was baggy on me even after doing a small bust adjustment. However, that's not unusual for me since I have a very petite upper body. This time sewing the dress, though, I think the fit turned out very well . However, since the cut outs are very distinctive, I may take them out (or fill them in?) if I sew this pattern again.

Happy DIY-ing!

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