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About Me

Hi there! I'm Nicole and I'm from northern California, currently living in the San Francisco bay area. I love sewing and crocheting and doing craft projects. I also like cooking and baking. And I am addicted to Pinterest.

I learned to sew and crochet when I was a kid, but my passion for it didn't develop until a couple years ago. I will place most of the blame on Pinterest. My sister introduced me to Pinterest when she was planning her wedding, and I used it to get ideas for her bridal shower. That's when I got hooked. I pinned so many craft and sewing projects I wished I could do. Slowly I began to realize maybe I could do these things. I was spending a whole lot of time pinning and looking at pictures of amazing projects and no time actually trying any of them! If you're familiar with it, you know that's the conundrum of Pinterest.

So back to my sister's bridal shower―I was her maid of honor and was planning it for her. It was going to be a 1950s/60s housewife theme. The first thing that came to mind was aprons. Man, I love aprons. I found this tutorial on how to make cute little aprons for dish soap bottles to use as a shower activity/favor. So I channeled what I could remember about fabric and sewing machines that my mom taught me when I was young and made of a bunch of them. It wasn't as hard or scary as I thought it would be.

I then figured, if I could make a miniature apron, who's to say I can't make a real one? So I did. Several. I was hooked and was quickly becoming addicted to sewing new things. Case in point, within a few months I was sewing...

...my bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding. Yup, I made that. Well, sort of. I cut the pattern and sewed most of the seams and hemmed it. But my mom helped tremendously by helping with fitting, the tricky bust seams, and installing an invisible zipper (something I still don't know how to do). But I did do the grunt work. My mom was too busy to help much because she was busy sewing my sister's wedding dress―on the same sewing machine her mother used to sew both my mom's and her sisters' wedding dresses. You could say sewing is in my blood.

I figured I would continue the tradition when the next year when my best friend from college asked me to be a bridesmaid. So said we could pick out our own dresses, so I made this:

My most impressive sewing project to date. I'm proud to say that that time my mom only helped with the fitting. I even designed the dress (somewhat on accident). The original pattern I picked out was not looking good with the fabric. It didn't gather well and I couldn't get it to fit right. This was a month before the wedding, so naturally I began to freak out. So then I took the bodice pattern from the green dress I made for my sister's wedding, added the midriff from my new pattern to it, pleated the skirt instead of gathering it, and added the wide straps. I even hand-picked the zipper (fancy way of saying hand sewn) because I wasn't good at zippers yet and was scared I'd mess it up. I was very proud of this dress. It even had pockets so I could discretely hold the bride's phone during the ceremony.

It's weird, but I haven't sewn any clothing except the two bridesmaid dresses. The amount of time and frustration each one took turned me off of it. I have picked up several clothing patterns since then, so hopefully I can sew some more clothes in the future. Since then it's been more aprons and a lot things for the home. And lots of crocheting. After a big sewing project, it's nice to only have to use yarn and a hook.

My goal for this blog to share some of my projects with the online community. They've helped me so much I'd love to give a little back. My only outlet before this sewing for my friends and family, and myself. Not that any of them (or me) are complaining about that, but I figured it was time to spread my crafting love out a bit further. I would love feedback or encouragement, so feel free to leave comments or send me an email. I'm no expert yet, so I hope you can stay with  me through the journey and maybe even learn a little from my successes and inevitable missteps.


  1. Such beautiful bridesmaid dresses they both turned out to be! I bet your best friend from college was really happy... :)

  2. I just love this blog, Thank you so much for sharing.