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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

10 for Tuesday: D.I.Y. Laptop Cases

    DIY Laptop Cases | She's Got the Notion

    One of my most popular 10 for Tuesday posts is for DIY Phone & Tablet Cases. I decided that naturally I need to add some DIY Laptop Cases. Most laptops are going to cost more than our tablets and phones, so let's make sure to protect them too. And stayed tuned for later this week for a new sewing tutorial for laptop sleeve I made for my own laptop!

    As always, these are all free tutorials. Some require and bit of sewing or crochet, others just a bit of craftiness. Enjoy!

    DIY Laptop Cases
    Image via Fabric Paper Glue

  1. Geometric Laptop Sleeve from Fabric Paper Glue: This one takes a bit of sewing, but the result is very impressive.
  2. Felt Laptop Sleeve from Just Crafty Enough: Sew a case with felt and a contrast zipper.
  3. Leather Trimmed Laptop Case from The Polka Dot Chair: Add a touch of leather for a fashionable case.
  4. Fabric and Leather Case from Sincerely, Kinsey: Sew an attractive case out of fabric and leather.
  5. Leather Laptop Case from Oh Happy Day: This easy case is made using leather and rivets.

    DIY Laptop Cases
    Image via Introverts Introduction

  6. Quilted Laptop Sleeve from Introverts Introduction: This sleeve is padded for a little bit more protection.
  7. Wool Laptop Sleeve from Say Yes: This sleeve is perfect for beginner sewers. It just uses wool and elastic.
  8. DIY Laptop/Tablet Case from I SPY DIY: This one is made using felt and finished by hand sewing a contrast edging.
  9. Boutique Laptop Sleeve from Rachael Oglesby: This crochet laptop has strap closures using belting and d-rings.
  10. Bobble Wrap Laptop Sleeve from Emily Wendel: Crochet this cute laptop sleeve with a button closure.

    Happy D.I.Y.-ing!

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