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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

10 for Tuesday: DIY Bunnies

    10 DIY Bunny Crafts for Easter | She's Got the Notion

    With Easter fast approaching and the start of spring this week, I thought I'd share some free bunny tutorials I found. Bunnies are so cute, how can you not like them? I love these DIY bunnies and want to make them all!

    10 DIY Bunnies for Easter | She's Got the Notion
    Image via ikat bag

  1. Pom Pom Bunnies from ikat bag: Make these cute and simple pom pom bunnies for springtime.
  2. Sock Bunny from raft Passion: Forget sock monkeys, make some sock bunnies instead!
  3. DIY Bunny Tees from Mini Style: The tutorial includes free templates of bunnies that are suitable for boys or girls.
  4. Bunny Ears Headband from Yes Style: Some fabric and wire is all you need to make these cute rabbit ears headbands.
  5. Bunny Ear Scrunchie from Oh The Lovely Things: Make this adorable no-sew bunny ear scrunchies and add a little whimsy to your hair.

    10 DIY Bunnies for Easter | She's Got the Notion
    Image via All About Ami

  6. Crochet Spring Bunnies from All About Ami: I know I've shared this pattern before, but it's too cute not to put on this list too!
  7. Crochet Bunny Basket from Lion Brand Yarn: Why not make some cute crochet baskets to put easter eggs in this year?
  8. Crochet Rabbit Hat from Darleen Hopkins: Have you ever wanted to be a bunny? Why not crochet a cute bunny hat to give you the bunny ears you've always wanted.
  9. Bunny Treat Bags from Sew Can She: Sew up some of these cute bunnies to fill with Easter treats.
  10. Bunny Cupcakes from 52 Kitchen Adventures: No special baking pan is needed for this one, just a regular muffin tin. Click the link to read all about this easy and cute trick.

    Happy Crafting!

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