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Monday, April 20, 2015

Border Print Fabric Inspiration

Border Print Knit Fabric | She's Got the Notion

I had made it a goal for April to sew some clothing. Well in going through my stash I found one fabric in particular that I really want to use. It's a medium-weight border print knit that I purchased well over a year ago. I'd love to sew it into a casual dress for summer.

I purchased it with a specific pattern in mind, but I realized quickly after receiving it that it wasn't going to work out for that. The knit has a moderate amount of stretch, but it's going opposite of the border (selvage to selvage). That means I can't really incorporate stretch into my pattern that way I want the border to go. Plus, the border print really needs a simpler pattern to show off the print.

Border Print Knit Fabric | She's Got the Notion

I think it's a bit of a blessing in disguise though, because that means this fabric would work better with simpler silhouettes (i.e. easier to sew garments!). So I searched the internet for some inspiration. I've found two options that look easy enough to replicate at home without a pattern.

Option 1:

This dress is a similar print and it's a similar to my Easy Swimsuit Coverup I made.

Option 2:

This dress has a very similar type of pattern as my border print, which shows it off very well with the extra length. My only hesitation is it's a maxi dress and I am short (5'2"). I think that this is a big print and it might overwhelm me. I've avoided buying maxi dresses (or even trying them on) because I am so certain that they will make me look even shorter than I am unless I wear some serious heels. [A side note: I'm not a fan of wearing strapless dresses, so I might add some straps.]

Any petite girls out there that have any maxi dress advice?

Which dress option do you like better?

Leave comment below! I'd love to hear from you.

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