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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

1 Year Blogversary + Blog Goals for May

It's been officially one year since my first blog post went live! I have to shamefully admit that I forgot about it until after it passed. April went by so fast! I wanted to take the time to say thank you for reading my blog. I very much appreciate the support I've gotten for She's Got the Notion and it encourages me to keep writing. You can see my very modest first ever post here.

I wanted to look back and see what the 5 most popular posts of the last year were. And here they are:
  1. Fat Quarter Series: Toiletry Bag Tutorial
  2. Fat Quarter Series Wrap Up + Bonus Project
  3. Fat Quarter Series: Makeup Bag Tutorial
  4. Crochet Basket
  5. Fat Quarter Series: Makeup Brush Roll Tutorial

The Fat Quarter Series was the clear winner! When I sewed the set almost a year ago now, I knew it would be popular. It's so cute and I still use mine when traveling. Now it's been viewed and re-pinned on Pinterest thousands of times and it's by far the reason most new visitors come to my blog.

Since this series is the runaway favorite, I'm actually planning on making a part 2! So look for that on the blog in the next couple of months :).

Now let's get to my blog goals for May. Let's start with a review on how well I did on my Blog Posts for April.

  1. Only buying notions: pass. I was continuing my fabric buying ban and limiting myself to only buying notions. I did stay true to that. I only purchased zippers, an invisible zipper foot (I was feeling ambitious, I still haven't learned how to use it), thread, pattern marking tracing paper, and bias tape for a total of $20. But guess what I did on May 1st? I ordered more fabric! I couldn't help myself anymore and I felt I used enough of my stash fabric to justify buying more.

  2. Do some refashions: fail. I didn't get to this one. I've been putting over cleaning out my closet, so hopefully I can do that this month. Anything that still fits but I don't wear any more is a candidate for a refashion, so I hope I can get to at least one this month.

  3. Sew some clothing: pass. I really did this one! I finished one dress, have three more clothing projects in progress. Plus more planned for the future. I hope I can keep this going! I also I'm excited to share these with you. I'm hoping in the next year to grow my me made wardrobe quite a bit.

Sewing Pattern Collection | She's Got the Notion

So what are my blog goals for this month? I've got a lot on my plate in terms of sewing projects, so I want to keep these simple and more blog focused this month. Last month was definitely more personal goals, and I neglected my blogging and sharing with you.

  1. Blog more. I been doing a lot of sewing and crocheting, but have yet to translate them into blog posts for you to read. I have a crochet project/pattern I want to share, as well as my clothing projects. I'm aiming for 2-3 posts per week.

  2. Be more active on social media. I'm guilty of taking to facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. only when I have a new blog post up. I'd love to keep my followers more updated on my progress of different projects, future projects, as well as get feedback from my readers.

  3. Take some pictures outside. Did you know I'm a bit camera shy? I can do lots of selfies and pose with other people, but have my picture taken by myself out in plain view of others makes me sooo uncomfortable. Have you noticed that 99% of my pictures are taken indoors? Since I'm sewing these new clothes for myself, they deserve to be showcased outside in natural light and pretty backdrops. I'm sure you'd rather see that than my dim lit awkward closeups, right?

Thanks for reading! If you'd like to keep updated on my latest posts, make sure to follow me on Bloglovin' or social media (links in sidebar).

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