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Friday, May 29, 2015

DIY Tiered Chain Necklace

DIY Tiered Chain Necklace

I was looking through my necklaces and realized I tend to pick a lot that that are colorful or gold in color. I didn't really have any long silver necklaces. Of course I took this as a challenge and a project I could easily make myself.

I just used what was in my stash for this necklace. Some of the chain was what was leftover after making my Chain Earrings and Chain Hand Bracelet. Obviously, I like using chain.

If you're new to jewelry-making, be sure to read my Beginner's Guide to Basic Jewelry Making.

DIY Tiered Chain Necklace

Materials Needed

  • Metal chain of assorted sizes
  • Decorative chain
  • Jump rings in assorted sizes
  • jewelry pliers

  • DIY Tiered Chain Necklace


    1. For the shortest tier, I took the leftover decorative chain from my Chain Earrings and attached matching silver chain on each side so that the total length was 18".
    2. For the 2nd tier, I cut a length of my biggest chain to be 21".
    3. For the 3rd tier, I cut equal lengths of chain and added jump rings to connect them to add interest. The total length of the chain is 24".
    4. For the 4th tier, I cut a length of chain to 27".
    5. Attach the chains to a large jump ring from largest to shortest. Attach the the other ends of a chain to another jump ring from shortest to longest.
    6. Cut a length of chain to connect the two jump rings. Mine was 12". You want it to be long enough to easily go over your head. Attach the chain to the jump rings, taking care not to twist the chains.

    And that's it! It's a simple and easily customizable project. You could at more chains by cutting pieces 3" short or longer to the necklace. I also think think mixed metal would look great.

    DIY Tiered Chain Necklace
    DIY Tiered Chain Necklace
    DIY Tiered Chain Necklace
    You can read about the teal top I'm wearing and sewed myself here.

    If you make your own version, I'd love to see it! You can post it to social media (links in sidebar) or send me picture. I'd love to add it to my Reader Projects board on Pinterest. Happy D.I.Y.-ing!

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