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Monday, June 1, 2015

Blog Goals for June

Blog Goals for June | She's Got the Notion

I feel like May just flew by so quickly. I got a lot done and at the same time there was so much more I wish I could have done. Plus, I don't feel like I accomplished my May Goals as much as I would've liked (and completely failed on one of them!). Let's take a look and see how I did...

  1. Blog more. I posted 10 new blogs post in May versus 6 in April. I would like to have increased it more, but I will still call this a success.

  2. Be more active on social media. If you are following me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook page or Google+, you would've seen an increase in posts. I've mostly focused on Facebook, since that's where the majority of my followers are right now. I've been sharing finds on my Facebook that are from other sites that I think my followers would enjoy too. Have you liked seeing more of these kind of posts? Be sure to let me know!

  3. Take some pictures outside. Oh goodness I failed on this one didn't I? I can blame it a lot on overcast and windy weather (I'm not quite used to this bay area spring) and unpleasant breakouts on my face (life's funny that I get more pimples now that I'm almost 30 than I did as a teenager). I'm hoping I can get it done for this month. I have a mini collection of summer dresses now that I'm just waiting for the weather to permit me to wear them.
Blog Goals for June | She's Got the Notion
I've been using my Crochet Basket for my current project.

June will be a bit busier month for me, but I'm hopeful that I can keep up posting this month. The harder part will be finding the time to sew. I'd love to do a post on how I do my sewing in an apartment. I basically have everything stored in a closet and have to set everything up every time I have to sew. That makes it so unless I can dedicate at least a few hours to sewing that day, I usually don't feel it's worth taking out my sewing machine.

Let's get to my goals for June shall we?

  1. Share my sewing projects: You know all of those clothes I swore that I actually made? You definitely deserve to see them. June will be the month you do. Hopefully the weather cooperates.
  2. Sewing product reviews: I'd love to start doing some reviews of some of the sewing tools I use. Would you guys be interested in reading them? It could be about my sewing scissors, rotary cutter, pins, etc.
  3. Keep up the social media: I want to keep you in the loop! I'm hoping to use Instagram more to show works in progress and behind the scenes pictures.
Blog Goals for June | She's Got the Notion
My latest pattern purchase! I love the back cut out.

I've got a lot of projects queued up that I hope I get to as well. I'm working on crochet project using crochet thread for the first time. I've got a dress that just needs hemming to finish up. I've got two more dresses I want to sew, but will require muslins and fitting first. I've got a knit skirt I'm planning on sewing too. I have this great nautical print fabric I'd love to use in a bag for summer. Whew! I hope I can find some time to make a dent in my project list this month.

Also, I'm hoping to bring to another series like my very popular Fat Quarter Series. It's in the very rough stages of planning right now, but I'm hoping to be able to bring it to blog in July.

Blog Goals for June | She's Got the Notion
My polka dot Lonsdale dress is almost done!

That's what I hope to bring you this month! Be sure to follow me on Bloglovin' so you can see when I post new blog posts.

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